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How to Write Web Content That Converts

Writing online content

Online writing is a skill that takes time and experience to develop. The sheer volume of information that is available online or that arrives in the average person’s inbox every day means that if it is not directly relevant to them or engaging enough it is all too easy to move to the next website or press the delete button. To encourage your readers to convert after reading your web content, you need to have something compelling that hooks them in and makes them want to take action right then and there.

There are four main elements to conversion friendly web content:

It's targeted

Before you write anything that is going to be published online think about who it is for and what its goal is. Every piece of writing has an aim and to be effective you need to keep the overall objective in mind while you are writing, not add it in as an afterthought.

If you are targeting a certain group of readers you will need to make your content as specific to them as possible. For email marketing it is a good idea to create different campaigns to target different groups as this can give you the best chance of engaging with them successfully and encouraging them to convert.

It's useful

As there is so much information out there, your readers probably won’t go past the first couple of lines unless they can see the value in reading further. This means that you need to make sure what you have written is useful and relevant and grabs their attention.

If you have done your research and clearly defined who you are targeting, it will be much easier to create specific useful content directed at them than if you are taking a more wideswept approach.

It has a clear call to action

If you want your readers to perform a specific action then one of the keys to getting them to convert is to make it very clear what you want them to do and make it very easy for them to do it. This means putting a call to action in a prominent place in the email or on the blog post or article with a link to a landing page so that they can perform the action in one or two clicks.

It may seem obvious but I see a surprising number of marketing emails which don’t have a clear call to action or the instructions are convoluted or confusing.

It's measurable

Measuring the results of your content is essential if you want to refine and improve your strategy in the future. If something doesn’t seem to be getting the results you want, try something else. There are a few different analytics platforms which allow you to track conversions for specific campaigns and this can give you valuable insights into whether or not your current strategy is working.

Writing web content that encourages conversions can be a valuable tool to help grow your business and it is well worth taking some time to refine your strategy and get it right.

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