Looking for a Legal Copywriter?

Lawyers are busy people. If you work in legal services you probably don't have a whole lot of time to write so it makes sense to hire a copywriter to take care of your blog posts and website content. At the same time you don't want just any writer. Writing about complex legal issues is a very specialised skill. A legal writer needs to be able to understand legal terminology and explain it in layman's terms, without oversimplifying. 


A good legal services copywriter will: 


  • Have the ability to take in complicated legal information and communicate it accurately in terms your clients can understand.

  • Write about highly emotional topics sensitively and with a reassuring tone.

  • Communicate clearly, without jargon

  • Write search engine friendly content that will help your business get noticed online

  • Have a great eye for detail


Over the years I’ve worked with a number of legal organisations, predominantly in the fields of criminal and employment law. I love creating clear, useful information for their clients, free of legalese and jargon. 


Drop me a line to chat further or check out my legal copywriting services.