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While every copywriting job is going to be slightly different, the process I follow is usually the same.


1. Quoting

I charge a flat rate for most projects. The first thing I will do is learn more about the scope of your project so I can provide you with an accurate quote.


To let me collect all the information I need, I’ll send you over a briefing form that asks a number of questions:


  • How many pages you're after

  • The rough length of each page

  • The type of copy you're looking for (e.g. website copy, blog post copy, brochure copy, etc)

  • How much research will be needed


Once I have a clear idea of what your project involves, I will provide you with an exact quote.


2. Proposal and sign off

The proposal or quote I send you will outline the costs and the details of the job. This includes pricing, number of amends, timeline and any other expenses involved. It also includes a copy of my terms and conditions, which can also be found here.


If you are happy with the quote and proposal, just sign it and return to me by email and we can get started.


3. 50% deposit

Before I put my fingers to the keyboard to start writing your copy I require a 50% payment upfront. I will send you the invoice on receiving your signed proposal. Once this has been paid I can book you into my schedule.


4. Briefing

The briefing process is where I get all the information I need to create your copy. This can be done over the phone or via email, whatever you prefer. During this stage I will ask you for details about your business, target audience, marketing goals and the style of writing that would work best for your brand.


At this point in the process I will also require any background materials you have agreed to provide so I have everything I need to do the work.


5. The Work

Once I have everything I need from you I’ll be able to get started. The turnaround time for most jobs is around five to 10 days depending on the size of the job but I will keep you updated as I progress.


Depending on your preferences you’ll receive the first draft of your copy in Google Docs or Microsoft Word.


5. Amends

For blog or website projects I usually provide three drafts which means two rounds of amends. Any further amends will be charged at an hourly rate (this will be laid out in your proposal).


Amends are made using track changes in Word or via the suggestions feature in Google Docs.


6. Final Payment

Once the copy has been approved by you, I will invoice you for the final amount. My payment terms are 14 days.


7. Testimonial

After completing the project I ask all my clients for a testimonial for my website. No pressure but if you’re happy with my work a recommendation is greatly appreciated.