Financial Services Copywriter


When you’re in the business of helping your customers make better financial decisions, the right communication is crucial. 


Financial services writing involves communicating often complex ideas in terms the average reader can understand and relate to. As a highly competitive industry, many financial services businesses struggle to really stand out and get their message across. Financial services is also highly regulated so you need to be aware of what you can and can’t say and find ways to get your point across without risking legal issues. 


A good financial services copywriter will: 


  • Be able to assimilate complex financial information and make it accessible without oversimplifying it 

  • Make traditionally dry topics like insurance and superannuation sound interesting

  • Communicate clearly, without jargon

  • Write search engine friendly content that will help your business get noticed online

  • Have a great eye for detail


Over the years I’ve worked with financial services businesses from mortgage brokers to accountants, insurance companies to investment funds. I really enjoy the challenge of making the complex simple and finding ways to relate complex concepts to your customers' everyday lives. 


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