Copywriting is all about using words to persuade. Well-written copy is your best sales tool, but it’s surprising how many businesses try to wing it and get frustrated when they aren’t getting the results they want. 



Email Marketing Copy

It may have been around since the late 1990s but email is still one of the most effective sales tools out there. While email marketing might look easy, if it’s going to get results your email content needs to be regular, consistent and well written. 


When you’re busy, it’s easy to let email marketing slide down to the bottom of your priority list but an inconsistent approach to email marketing can lead to an erratic flow of work. This in turn has a detrimental affect on other areas of your business (not to mention your sanity). With a steady and regular email marketing strategy you can smooth out your workflow while you steadily grow your business. 


For many businesses, it makes sense to outsource their email marketing content. Whether you’re after a single auto responder sequence or regular monthly newsletter I can take care of all your email marketing needs.



Landing pages

A landing page is a specific page that’s designed to perform a single function on your website – to sell a specific offer or product. Landing pages are usually where you send visitors who click on an online ad or special offer and they are tailored to those visitors only. Landing pages are a crucial element of converting your online visitors into paying customers or subscribers and the right landing page can make a huge difference to your conversion rate. 


A good landing page will compel a visitor to click through to the next stage by using persuasive sales copy. Writing high converting landing pages is an art form and it takes someone with great writing skills and knowledge of the psychology behind selling to do it well. 



Print brochures and marketing materials

While it sometimes seems as if digital has completely taken over, print brochures and flyers still play an important role in business marketing. Great copy is just as important for print marketing materials as it is for your online marketing but writing for print is very different to writing for a website or online ad. 


When you’re working with print you have a limited amount of space. This means the wording needs to be very precise to explain your business and what you are offering in a persuasive manner. Because of the costs involved in producing print marketing materials you want to be sure they are going to do the job. 


I have extensive experience writing brochures, leaflets and other print marketing materials. Call me today to have a chat about your print or sales copywriting needs.