I’ve always loved to write. When I was about eight years old I used to make up stories about my cat and write them down for fun. While my career as a novelist never quite took off, I always knew I wanted to write for a living, so after school I got a BA in Journalism Studies at Falmouth University in the UK, then followed that up with a bit of travelling.


Finding myself in Australia a few years later, I worked for a couple of years client-side in magazine publishing and distribution. This gave me a great deal of experience in project management, client liaison and marketing - all indispensable skills for a freelance copywriter.


After having my second son in 2007, rather than go back to publishing I decided to make the switch to freelance copywriting as a way to do what I loved and try to claw back some semblance of work life balance.


I started Engage Copy in 2011 after a few years working for agencies as a freelancer. Since then I have worked with agencies, corporates and small businesses to help them improve their online visibility, connect better with their customers and get their voice heard online.