Version 1.0



The agreement between Engage Copy (“The Writer”) and The Client is entered into upon the Client’s acceptance of the Service Agreement and is subject to the terms and conditions below.



The Writer will provide copywriting services as agreed in writing in a brief. 



The Writer agrees to deliver the job within the timeframe agreed in writing (roughly five to seven days from the agreed start date).


The Client agrees to provide The Writer with all the necessary information and assets at least two working days before the agreed start date of each project or deliverable. 



The fee for the service will be agreed on during the briefing process and will be payable as follows:


50% on approval of the quote

50% on completion of the project or on a schedule agreed between The Client and The Writer. 


The Writer will prepare and deliver the invoices to the client 14 working days before they are due. Work will not commence until payment of the 50% deposit has been received. 


For ongoing services, the Client will be invoiced at the end of each month for work completed during the month. 


The Client agrees to pay all correctly prepared invoices within 14 days of receiving them. 


Work is considered to be complete when either:


The client agrees verbally or in writing that the job is complete and no further changes are required.

The client does not provide feedback or request for changes to the copy within 21 days (three weeks) of receiving the final copy. In this instance the assumption will be made that the client is happy with the work and the job will be marked as complete and a final invoice sent. 


For urgent projects requiring a turnaround of three days or less, a surcharge of 20% of the project fee may be applied. 



This agreement may be terminated at any time without notice by mutual consent of both parties. 


Should the Client terminate the Agreement, they will be liable for payment of all work completed by the Writer. 


Should the Writer terminate the agreement they will be required to refund any payment made in advance for work that has not been completed. 


Exceptions to the above apply where either party terminates the Agreement as a result of:


Either party committing an act of dishonesty.

Either party failing to observe or perform any of the terms of this Agreement. 


Responsibilities and relationships

The Client is responsible for paying the Fee on time and delivering assets to the timeframe required.


The Writer is responsible for ensuring the work is completed to the agreed scope and deadlines. 


Transference of rights

Full copyright for the content will be transferred to the client on receipt of the final invoice payment. 


Until this time the copyright for the work remains the property of the Writer. 


Display rights

Unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing, the Writer reserves the right to use client projects for promotional use.


Limitation of Liability

The Writer will strive to provide error-free work. Any typographical errors or mistakes that are clearly the fault of the Writer will be corrected at no charge to the Client. 


The Client is responsible for checking the legality and accuracy of all statements in the copy provided. The Writer is not responsible for any loss or damage due to errors on the part of the writer, which are not identified by the Client. 


The Writer relinquishes all responsibility for legal repercussions that may be incurred as a result of publication or distribution of material by the Client. 


The Writer offers no guarantees regarding results or outcomes from the work produced.  Any potential outcomes or results from the work suggested by The Writer are to be taken as guidance only.



All information provided by the Client will remain confidential and will be used exclusively for the purpose of completing the required copywriting services.