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5 Ways to Spice Up Your Social Media Headlines

Social Media Marketing

With so many businesses now using social media for self promotion it can be hard to compete. Chances are if you’re on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn your feed is full of people and businesses, all fighting for your attention. There is no place for boring social media headlines when you want to have a hope of standing out in the social media feeding frenzy but just how do you make your social media updates more compelling and appealing to your audience?

Here are some ways you can shake up your social media headlines and encourage your audience to engage with you whatever platform you’re using.

Pose a question

This can be a highly effective way to grab attention, especially if the question is something that your audience is likely to be wondering about. Asking for feedback or ideas from your audience encourages interaction and can provide valuable information for other members of the community.

Quote an interesting statistic or fact

An attention grabbing statistic or fact can be a great way to pique your audience’s interest and encourage them to follow the link to your article or site. If you are sharing content, use the most compelling fact or sentence in the article as a teaser to encourage your audience to read on.

Create a survey or poll

A quick survey or poll encourages interaction and can help you engage visitors on your social media pages. Keep surveys short and light hearted and you could even find that you gain some valuable market research along the way.

Put your own twist on other peoples’ content

Reposting other content can be a good way to build your network and spread useful or interesting information. Rather than just posting the link to someone else’s content, it’s a good idea to add your own twist or comment at the top. An endorsement or a suggestion as to how an article or infographic could help your readers makes it more likely to stand out and get attention.

Keep it specific

When writing social media updates and headlines it’s important to keep your focus on your target audience. Avoid anything too general, off topic or personal (if you’re updating your business social media pages). The more specific your social media updates are, the more likely it is that they will appeal to your audience. Post too much that isn’t relevant and you may find people unsubscribe.

Learning to write interesting and eye catching social media headlines takes a bit of practice but it’s a skill that is now essential for businesses that want to be successful in their social media marketing. Give the above suggestions a go and see if they make a difference to your social media presence and engagement!

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