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4 Ways to Make Your Content More Mobile Friendly

Mobile friendly content

You probably know you need to have a mobile friendly website but have you given any thought to how mobile access might affect the way you write your content? With the majority of users accessing websites using mobile rather than desktop or laptop computers, the way you write your website content needs to take ease of mobile access into account.

If you haven’t already, take a look at your website on a tablet, or even better, a mobile screen. Although your website might have a mobile friendly design, how easy is it to scroll through and navigate the content? Writing content to be displayed on a smaller screen takes a very specific understanding of the needs of most mobile users as well as the limitations of trying to navigate hyperlinks and scroll through long passages of text when you only have a few inches of display space to work with.

1. Cut the content

Scrolling can be awkward on a small screen so make your content as short as possible and get to the point quickly. Long winded chunks of text have no place on a five-inch screen. If you have lengthy passages of information it is worth breaking them up into smaller pieces and even consider putting them on separate pages so that they can be easily navigated.

2. Make the most of headlines

When your readers are using a smartphone it is even more important to make use of your headlines. Smartphone users are often multi-taskers and they might be doing any number of things while searching the net on their phone. This means you have even less time than you would usually have in which to grab their attention and compel them to read more.

3. Stick to simple language

Great mobile content is clearly and simply written and it gets to the point quickly. It is best to stick with short sentences and cut out anything unnecessary. Avoid overly long or descriptive language – the smartphone screen is not the place for wordy prose.

4. Lengthen your links

Clicking on a one word hyperlink is practically impossible on a smartphone unless you have fingers the size of chopsticks. To ease frustration and make your content easier to navigate, embed your hyperlinks into a few words rather than a single word. This will save your readers time and reduce the annoyance factor as they try to move from one page to another.

Writing for smartphones calls for a different approach to writing for a bigger screen but it’s well worth getting to grips with it sooner rather than later. You probably don’t need to overhaul everything on your site but it is worth thinking about as your business evolves and you generate new content.

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